16 November 2012

A Prayer on Turning 34

As I turn 34, I found advice in an old truism:
I acquired courage and sought to change the world.
I acquired wisdom and sought first to change myself.

And transformations are defined
more by the things I need to let go,
than the ones I need to acquire.

And so today Lord, as I turn 34,
I beg for the grace of a
passionate humility.

I pray for a consuming passion
to serve and to learn, to work and to listen,
to not be discouraged, especially
when dreams are too far to completion,
and inspiration is hard to come by.

I pray for a contrite humility
to confront myself, to break free
from self-deception, to suffer fools gladly
(aware that many times I play the fool myself),
to find glory in honest defeats
and redemption in mercy.

Through Christ, Good Shepherd,
living sign of passionate humility.

9 November 2012
Chancery, Diocese of Legazpi

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