17 July 2016

And many who profess faith

And many who profess faith in God find it
Just to despise one evil and cheer another, so we
Pray for the time when the few who cry for life
Become many, and mass murders, a thing of the past.

This War on Drugs will Fail

This war on drugs will fail because it is founded on the wrong principles.

Human life is expendable.
uman rights are only for the law-abiding.
The ends justify the means.
Due process is a technicality that can be flouted.
ear is a rightful tool for law enforcement.
everity of punishment deters crime.
he rule of law is binding only when it serves prevailing doctrine.
hose who oppose the war are to be counted as enemies.
thics and faith are irrelevant to the issues at hand.
he death of innocents is acceptable collateral damage.