16 July 2011

The 10 Major Faith and Ecclesial Struggles of Our Age

Several years ago, the superior of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Rome asked Fr. Ronald Rolheiser to compile a list of the major spiritual questions bubbling in the Catholic world, based on his experience as a writer and speaker. At NCR’s request, Rolheiser recently took another look at that list, bringing it up to date in light of what he’s seen and heard in the intervening period.

The following is the “Top 10” list Rolheiser put together in late April.

1. The struggle with the atheism of our everyday consciousness, i.e., the struggle to have a vital sense of God within secularity, which, for good and for bad, is the most powerful narcotic ever perpetrated on this planet; to be a mystic rather than an unbeliever.

15 July 2011

'Pajero bishops' started with Juico interview

PCSO Chair Margie Juico lied to the people and while under oath. In a TV interview, she did say Pajero, expressing dismay that they were given to bishops and sarcastically implying that they took money away from the poor.

"Marami rin namang mahihirap na, na nakapaikot sa kanila, sa mga dioceses nila, 'no? Naghihinayang lang ako sana naman yung pondo ng PCSO na ginamit pambili lang ng Pajero, marami na sanang natulungan dun sa pondong 'yon."

She did not even bother to validate with the bishops involved and hear first their side. Or if the evidence were strong, she should have written to the DOJ to charge them in court. Instead, she chose to go direct to the media and hurl accusations not even based on their own report.

Now it has been revealed: There were no Pajeros or luxury vehicles. The vehicles were not for the personal use of the bishops involved. The donations were accepted in good faith and used for social action and charitable programs and activities. The Senate found nothing unconstitutional in the donations.

The CBCP apologized to the faithful for the pain and sadness the events have brought upon them and for undermining their integrity and prophetic stance vis-a-vis the former administration.

11 July 2011

Panahon nin Pagsakit, Panahon nin Balaog

Sarong Kapahayagan Pastoral

Namomotan niamong Banwaan kan Dios:

            An satong Inang Simbahan nakulgan na gayo huli kan mga kontrobersya sa Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office kan nakaaging duwang semana. May mga myembro kan Simbahan na nagtutubod na daing sala digdi an mga obispo, igwa man ki iba na dai nagtutubod. Alagad sa bilog na Simbahan namamatean an labi-labing kamundoan. Kami na saindong mga pastor nakikisumaro saindo. Bilang mga pastor na naghihingowa na mamoot saindo siring ki Hesus an Marhay na Pastor, ikanakamundo niamo an sakit asin kamundoan na namatean nindo huli kan pangyayari na ini.

            Ikinakamundo niamo na kadakul saindo, orog na an mga jovenes, an mga dukha, asin an satong mga saradit na Kristyanong komunidad, nalilibongan nin huli kan garo baga pagkasalungat kan samong mga gibo asin kan samong mga katukdoan bilang mga pastor.

            Mantang ipinapahayag niamo an samong kamundoan, minahagad kami saindo na dai tulos maghusga asin maigot na hanapon an bilog na katotoohan sa likod kan kontrobersya. Danay niatong hanapon an katotoohan na may pagkamoot.

01 July 2011

DPA Legazpi Theme Song & Instructional Video

Below is the theme song of the First Legazpi Diocesan Pastoral  Assembly (DPA). The main events of the DPA  are the Pre-DPA Gathering on 27-29 June 2011 and the DPA proper 24-26 November 2011. Before, in-between and after these events are processes of consultations, research, planning and implementation.

And here is the instructional video intended for parishes, schools and communities in order to better internalize the diocese's aspirations of a renewed Church.

Credits to: Sem. Jeronimo Sevilla, director; Fr. Manuel Camu, lyrics; Fr. Roque Patanao, music.

Videography & Editing: Mr. Jose Locsin Jr. of J&B Productions. Music recording: OK-FM studio.