03 August 2010

The move to legalize abortion is on


Now they're getting bold and brazen about it. Even attempting an emotional blackmail on the rest of us.

Let me just re-phrase what I have just read from this Inquirer article.
1. These pro-choice groups are proposing that abortion be legalized.
2. They are arguing that abortion is a human right.
3. They are blaming the government for the death of women who are "forced" to undergo illegal abortions.

Pro-life groups have just been justified in raising suspicions about the agenda of groups, especially foreign and foreign-funded ones, who are pushing for the passage of the RH bill.

Of course, they only want abortion for "special circumstances" like "when the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, fetal impairment or when it puts the mother’s health in danger". How many of their forwarded number of half a million Filipino women who procured abortion have pregnancies resulting from rape or incest? Is abortion the only solution? Are they actually saying fetus found with some abnormality during pre-natal check-up may be aborted? Aren't hospital ethics boards suppose to cover already issues relating to difficult pregnancies?

What about the constitutional provision of protecting the life of the mother and child from the moment of conception? What about the life of the unborn?

At the very least, a double standard is happening here. These groups complain about the Church imposing its faith-based morality on our people. They don't mind imposing theirs on us.


Abortion deaths blamed on gov’t 
By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 06:44:00 08/03/2010

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine government is to blame for creating a “dire human rights crisis” in the country by withholding access to family planning services and imposing a criminal ban on abortion, pro-choice activists said Monday.

These laws and policies have pushed more than half a million women to turn to clandestine and unsafe ways of terminating their pregnancies—often at the cost of their lives, said Melissa Upreti of the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights in a press conference.

“Illegal abortion as a human rights issue is based on facts and reality,” said Upreti, who called on Philippine lawmakers to pass a law that would allow women to seek safe and legal abortions under special circumstances: When the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, fetal impairment or when it puts the mother’s health in danger.

She said the ban on abortion had driven women who wanted to terminate their pregnancies to seek illegal abortions that included “crude and extremely painful methods.” These included intense abdominal massages by traditional midwives, inserting of catheters or other instruments into the uterus, medically unsupervised consumption of the abortifacient drug Cytotec, and ingesting herbs and other concoctions sold by street vendors.

The Revised Penal Code prohibits abortion in all its forms.

According to the center, some 560,000 pregnant Filipino women every year turn to illegal abortions, with 90,000 suffering from complications. About 1,000 die annually.

It added that abortion-related complications were among the top 10 causes for hospitalization of women in the Philippines.

It pointed out that various United Nations committees such as the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights had expressed concern over the government’s blanket prohibition on abortion that has led to the high incidence of maternal deaths due to clandestine abortions.

Many countries in the world allow safe, legal abortions for women under varying circumstances.

The center, along with its local partners, Monday issued its 126-page report “Forsaken Lives,” which tackles the impact of the Philippines’ criminal ban on abortion.

Described as the first study to link the government’s anti-abortion policy to women’s rights, the report was the result of two years of research, with five trips to the Philippines to conduct interviews with survivors of illegal abortions, health care workers, and lawyers. It included visits to government hospitals like Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, the Philippine General Hospital, Tondo General Hospital, Ospital ng Maynila and Bulacan Provincial Hospital.

Upreti, the center’s legal adviser for Asia, said the report aims to initiate a dialogue with the government on its accountability for the “human suffering caused by the ban.”

The report noted that many health care workers usually harassed or abused women seeking medical help after inducing an abortion instead of giving them proper medical attention.

“Our Congress should address this issue by passing a law that expressly allows safe and legal abortion. The Philippine judiciary should rule on the constitutionality of safe abortion when raised in court. Women’s rights advocates and reproductive rights advocates should also demand access to safe and legal abortion to address this public health issue,” said Clara Rita Padilla, executive director of EnGendeRights Inc., in a statement.


  1. A child is not a punishment. If your daughter makes a mistake, the right thing to do is not to just get an abortion. The right thing to do is to take responsibility for your actions. She can give the baby to a childless couple.

    Our country is in dire danger of having a desensitized hedonistic culture. We need to fast and pray.

  2. The most senseless inhumane statement by Barack

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    A so called, "safe and legal" abortion is never safe for the baby.

  4. Anonymous12:16 AM

    These pitures are very disturbing!! DO NOT DO ABBORTION!!!!!

  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    How much money would the goverment and places like wal mart and other business make from all the babies that have been aborted, babies all grow up to spend money and pay taxes.
    Do corperation know how much money they have lost because of abortion?
    Dose the goverment know how much they have lost in taxes because of abortion?

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