03 March 2008

February 29 Inter-Faith Rally for Truth and Accountability in Legazpi City

While thousands gather in Makati City for the Inter-Faith Rally on 29 February, similar, albeit relatively smaller rallies, were also held in many cities around the country, Legazpi City included. The nation wants to know the whole truth about the NBN-ZTE scam and the extent of corruption in government.

Scenes from the Via Crucis for Truth and Justice in Legazpi City on 29 February 2008. The activity was organized by the Krusada para sa Katotoohan asin Katanosan, and participated by different Church groups, Catholic schools and parish organizations in the city . A separate rally organized by militant groups was held in Daraga, Albay. The two rallies traversed Rizal Street from opposite directions and converged at PeƱaranda Park at Old Albay District.

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  1. Marhay ini ta an satong mga tawo narerealize an saidang social responsibility. Pero sana an siring kaining via crucis dae kalingawan si Kristo. Ta baka ang pag via crucis ginamit lang na paagi para mag rally or kaya magdemonstrate pero nalingawan si Kristo. makatakot kaya na masalakan ang debosyon ki liberation theology. igwa man po ako ki blog pakivisit man po father sa http://thefilipinotraditionalromancatholic.blogspot.com/
    an title kan blog ko po is Filipino traidtional Roman Catholic..
    Good luck po sa bagong website kan diosisis asin sa saimo pong blog.

    Dr. H. R. kan BU