21 February 2008

Battle of the Pictures

How Malacañang operators attempted a show of strength and support for GMA.
Strange how a picture, supposedly worth a thousand words, can only manage to say one thing: PANIC!

How the University of Santo Tomas decided to speak up concerning NBN-ZTE.
Strange how a hitherto insignificant yearbook photo, blurred by age and outdated technology, can speak so eloquently about school pride and redemption.

In this oh-so-postmodern battle of arresting images, sound bites and catch phrases, almost everybody but the staunchest in-denial supporter knows who is winning. Looks like some people still haven't learned their lesson ever since the "Harapan" incident over ABS-CBN. Or in episode after episode of "1 vs 100".

Truth is not in numbers. It's in the adequation between what one says and what is real. Get the truth first, then the numbers will follow. Not the other way around.

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