07 May 2006

triple whammy! e.o.464, cpr, p.p.1017. but why the negativity?

three little pigs: e.o. 464, cpr, p.p. 1017. three little pigs housed on arguments of hay which the arroyo administration devised to suppress the search for truth and expression of legitimate dissent. three little pigs oinking their way to martial rule. until the supreme court (big bad wolf?) blew their house away and exposed them for what they are: the delusions of mad-persons corrupted by power and bent on self-preservation no matter what. laws of this country be damned, having discarded morals long ago. bernas calls them: palace adventurists. it seemed now, with the series of slamming the supreme court did several days ago to three of malacaƱang's prized weapons of suppression, the team arroyo adventure is about to come to an end. or is it?

the obvious good news aside, what is perhaps glaring is the degree of caution and trepidation, even cynicism and pessimism, from all over, which greeted the supreme court decisions. why all these negativity? need you ask?

consider: at may 1 eve, another supposed plot/s by the usual suspects, cpp/npa, was announced on national tv. as if on cue, the secretary of injustice promptly reminded/threatened the nation of their readiness to activate p.p. 1017 and the full coercive force of the state. you have to give it to these guys, they're slick, sleazy and tummy-churning wicked but slick.

so the supreme court has already decided. the first two got unanimous votes, the last, an overwhelming majority of 11-3. but what's stopping gloria and her minions from concocting yet another scheme to intimidate and oppress, and strengthen their hold to power? their smug dare: got complaint, charge us in court.

looks like this would be the way things work: they initiate, i.e., they'll organize a palace initiative for cha-cha, arrest and jail dissenters, harass the press, bribe the bishops, use all the machineries of gov't - police, military, comelec, pagcor, lgus - to pursue their agenda. and nobody can do anything but charge them in court, but place oneself at the mercy and wisdom of our justice system. scream 'unfair' all you want but, hey, they are ever careful to remind you, we are following due process.

so, those who see the sc's rulings as a hollow victory really do have a point. but i prefer to look at the glass as half-full. i'd like to think of them as incremental changes producing incremental reactions from a usually apathetic nation. little steps on the way to the holy grail of social movements - the 'tipping point'.

for now, let us enjoy and acknowledge them for what they are - victories little but victories still. otherwise having demolished houses of hays, you may just want to rush to the next best but useless thing: to huff and puff at gloria's impregnable (for now) brickhouse.

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